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May 25, 2010 8:26 pm

Jace love dinosaurs. And he knows quite a few, probably thanks to our daycare provider’s oldest son who is 7 and thus an expert on all thing dinosaur. Jace seems to like the ever popular tyrannosaurus rex and often refers to himself as “baby T-Rex“. Baby T-Rex seems to squeal a lot. Apparently, I am his second favorite dinosaur, Diplodocus. Mostly when Jace decides to run and we start to race. Diplodocus seems to always have to lose, however. I am not sure how I feel about plodding along as a Diplodocus and coming in last but it seems to make him happy and somebody has to support those herbivores. And yes, Jace knows all about herbivores and carnivores, although he also thinks Baby T-Rex should enjoy a good pancake as well. Is there such a thing as a carbivore?

Testing 1 2 3

May 24, 2010 8:23 pm

We survived 1, 2 and  now he is almost three. And Jace has started to really test his boundaries. He loves to run away when you ask him to come do something then he tries to hide under my desk or in our laundry basket, giggling while doing it. I have realized that I have to begin getting him dressed 15 minutes before we need to leave because the more urgent the timing, the more he tries to see what he can get away with.

We have started to utilize the time out. Most of the time it is for hitting or other out of control behaviour and we phrase it as he needs to take a break and calm down. But some times it is utilized when he is just whining whining whining and no matter what you do, he won’t stop. Then it is really a time out for mommy to regain her cool. (I love wine, not whine).

However, this weekend at a birthday party he took it one step too far. We were taking a break to go run up and down the sidewalk to calm down as the party was a little crowded and Jace was definately getting ansy. This was a great idea the first couple of times then he decided to test those boundaries again and he ran to the fire hydrant then kept on going. I yelled stop several times but he just looked back, laughed and kept on going. I finally caught up to him and we had a very serious talk. A little while later he started to run off to race again and turned away from the fire hydrant and ran. Again I told him to stop and he kept going. When I caught up with him I told him it was time to go home (which it actually was) and when we got home he was having a time out rather than playing with Oliver. He readily agreed! And even went straight to his room without a fight once we returned home. I guess even he realized that he had seriously overstepped a boundary with his testing. Perhaps there is hope after all that this is just a phase, and perhaps will be a short lived one.

“It looks like a beaver house!”

May 12, 2010 6:57 pm

“It looks like a beaver house!”

Yes, you guessed it — another installment of funny-things-kids-say-when-looking-at-their-own-poop.

What is this?

6:29 pm

Well, according to Jace, it is a

Hickup truck

Just one of the many Jace-isms but probably my favorite

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