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Jace’s 3-year check-up

July 26, 2010 8:38 pm

Jace recently had his annual doctor’s appointment, to go along with the celebration of his third birthday.

He put forth an impressive effort to excel at every test:

When checking his height, he was smart enough to try to go up on his toes and tilt his forehead up at every measurement attempt. Once convinced to stand with heels on the ground, the result was 39.5 inches.

Weight: He couldn’t figure out how to add anything extra to his weight, but stepped on the scale with solemn gravity, and came in at 38.5 pounds.

According to the charts, both height and weight are in the mid-90′s in terms of percentile comparisons.

He was asked to hop and then stand on one foot. He didn’t do either, and instead stalled by providing a rather long monologue about his recent trip with Mommy on the red line train to the Boston Common Frog Pond, and how you’re allowed to splash, but you’re not allowed to splash Mommy. It finally came out that he thought the hopping thing was a trick question, because “you’re allowed to hop outside, but not inside.” When finally convinced to show off his skills, he combined the hopping and the one-foot-standing by hopping on one foot (the enthusiasm of which sent him spinning across the doctor’s exam room).

The doctor drew a circle on the sheet of paper that covered the exam table, and asked him what it was. Jace, of course, responded that it was an Ollie Octopus, and that it makes an “ahhhh” sound, and he wiggled his octopus tentacle arms to demonstrate. Which sounded great to me (this is the set of things that goes with the letter “O” in the phonics program that his daycare provider does). The doctor seemed a little surprised to hear an answer other than “circle”. She then asked him to draw one, and he created a fairly admirable closed, roundish shape.

Perhaps a bit unsettled by the reaction to his octopus response, Jace then decided to put an end to the intelligence testing by explaining to her how the paper worked…

Previously, while we had been waiting for the doctor to come into the room, he asked me why there was paper on the bed, and I explained that people could sit on the paper, and then doctors can just tear off the paper and throw it away, saving them the effort of cleaning the bed for the next patient. He lifted up the paper, looked under it, and said, “but I don’t see the paper!” Which was somewhat confusing until I understood that he had assumed a stack of paper, so that when the top sheet was removed, there would still be paper for the next person (me: “huh? the paper is in your hand!”; Jace: ”no, the next people’s paper!”). So I showed him the roll of paper hidden around the back, and he was happy with this revelation.

So Jace ended his 3-year check-up by demonstrating this to the doctor (“it’s just like my easel”). And then requested some stickers. Because that’s the real purpose behind any doctor’s visit.

Jace’s NEW friends

July 12, 2010 6:33 pm

There has been a flurry of new babies of late so we would like to take a minute to welcome Jace’s NEW friends to this world. We all look forward to watching them growup and follow the big kids around.

Zoe, little sister to Xander (who now has a new website, updated on our page)

Elizabeth, little sister to Thomas and Benjamin

Rory, little sister to Carter

Charlie, little brother to William.

Best wishes to all their families. And thank goodness there are some girls to add to the mix!

Jace’s Friends

6:29 pm

Jace has always loved his stuffed animals and has definitely gives them a personality. On Sunday morning, when he woke up I went in to see how he was doing. He still seemed slightly groggy so I told him he was welcome to stay in bed for a few more minutes but I was headed to the living room.  He immediately handed me his stuffed penguin and told me that I had to take it  to the living room with me because “penguin is afraid of the dark”. He then proceeded to inform me that bunny was NOT afraid of the dark (which is a good thing, since bunny accompanies Jace to bed every night).

The pool

6:22 pm

On Saturday, Jace and I ended up at Nick, Julia and William’s house where Nick set up the pool to help the boys escape the heat. Jace looked at the pool and said “there are no cats on it”  I was a little confused but I figured he had gone to somebody’s house who had a pool with cats as decorations.  After we came home, I relayed this story to Steve, mostly to figure out who’s pools Jace was talking about. He laughed. Apparently Jace mistakes “kiddy” pool for “kitty” pool. Knowing our friend’s cats, they aren’t about to make the same mistake.

Following Directions

6:17 pm

Yesterday after some playing, Jace wanted to move onto another activity. I told him that was fine but he needed to put his playdough animals away and make sure he put the lids on [the containers]. Well, Steve went into the living room a few minutes later and found that Jace had very carefully put the lids on top of each cut out animal shape.

Not quite what I had in mind but technically he followed my directions.

(C) Steve and Heather Leibman, 2007.