Mommy, I want a pet

August 2, 2010 6:45 pm
Posted by: heather

Most kids clammer for a dog or a cat.  Not our Jace.

Jace – “Mommy can we get a Whale?”

Jace – “We could get a tiny tiny one and he could swim in our bathtub”

Me – “If there was a whale in our bathtub how could I take a shower?”

Jace – ” I would take him out and hold him while you took a shower”

Me – “But whales need to stay in water, they like to be wet”

Jace – “I’ll keep him wet while I hold him on the little stool”


Jace – “The problem with whales is they get big. I guess it won’t fit in our bathtub”

*this story has been abbreviated for the sakes of our readers. The conversation went on for a good few minutes at dinner time tonight.

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Holly wrote a comment on August 3, 2010

That’s so awesome how you didn’t tell him “no” but he came to that conclusion himself!

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