August 2, 2010 7:01 pm
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The other day we got homework from April, our daycare provider. She asked for a list of Jace’s skills, things he was working on learning, things we would like him to learn and what he is interested in. It was an interesting assignment and got us thinking about how much he has accomplished in the last year. Here is a summary

Skills accomplished

  • Going potty on his own, often (but not always) including pulling pants up & down.
  • Can undo snaps (not buttons) and zipper.
  • Consistent grammatical structure in his speech. Even when it doesn’t conform to standard English, it follows clear, well-defined rules (“I didn’t told you that…”, “You didn’t saw that…”).
  • Zoo phonics: Can reliably associate any uppercase or lowercase depiction of a letter with the sound, animal name, and motion. Can recognize some printed words when guided through the process of sounding them out.
  • Occasionally asks insightful questions, showing logical thought puzzling out how things work.
  • Hops on one foot.
  • Kicks a soccer ball.
  • Hits a baseball off the tee without hitting the tee majority of the time
  • Using his imagination

Skills attempting:

  • Buttering toast
  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Telling knock-knock jokes (they are hilarious because they make absolutely no sense what so ever)
  • Building sand castles (mostly he likes to knock them down)
  • Riding his scooter

Skills to develop:

  • Learn to take T-shirt on and off
  • Patience, strategies for whine-avoidance
  • Using a knife to cut food
  • Number-related skills: counting, comparison (he can count to 15 or so but has little idea what numbers mean except 1 and 2)
  • Build on the next level of reading skills
  • Fine motor control skills for drawing and writing letters


  • Books and stories (his favorite day is library day when I come home with new books)
  • Cars
  • Maps (he likes looking at the globe and drawing maps of how to get to places – random scribbles but he has fun)
  • Dinosaurs (the kid can name far more that you, unless you have a toddler who watches Dinosaur Train)
  • Watching TV (he gets one 1/2 hour show a day after daycare if he asks. And that is the first thing he asks every day)
  • Shooting things (definitely picked up from the older boys at daycare. I am not a big fan of this but haven’t figured out how to redirect this behavior)
  • “Bad guys” (again, courtesy of the 5 year olds. He has learned a lot of good things from them but can also name all the superheros and bad guys. Wolverine is his favorite)

[no need to encourage the last three, but they are undeniably members of the set of things in which he has an interest]

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