Office Halloween Party Part 2

October 22, 2010 8:29 am
Posted by: heather

I showed up at the end of the party and found Jace hanging out in his regular clothes. He refused to put on his monster costume, much like last year’s party. Right when we were getting reading to go home he decided he would wear it and we went back to the office area to put it on. He then proceeded to walk up to all of Steve’s coworkers who were there and “Scare” them with his best roar. It was hilarious. Then we got to one guy with blue glasses and, even though he said nothing to Jace, Jace was clearly scared of him. I guess blue monster is only afraid of other blue things!
We then took the train home with Jace wearing his Monster costume. I don’t know if he really appreciated it, but he made a lot of people smile seeing him him all dressed up, especially when we got off the train and they saw a little monster with a bouncing tail walking through the station.

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cindy leibman wrote a comment on October 23, 2010

Are there photos of Jace as a blue monster scaring people?? It sounds pretty cute

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