Counting 123

October 25, 2010 6:12 pm
Posted by: heather

Jace has known the letters of the alphabet for quite a while now, thanks to April and the zoo phonics program that she uses. All the letters have an animal, their sounds, their name and a hand sign.  D is DeeDee Deer and her sign is holding your fingers up on the side of your head like antlers. Jace can recognize each letter and and will usually say the sound although for some reason he always says “W” rather than the sound for that letter. He is starting to figure out how to sound out words and even recognized the “NO” on a no turn on red sign the other day without prompting. “Look mommy, that sign says no” was really cool to hear.

However, he has never been quite as good with numbers. He could recite 1 through 10 but didn’t really understand the correlation between numbers and the quantity of actual objects. He once pointed out that there were two dogs walking but when asked to count objects on a page in a book he waves his fingers around and counts randomly. Then suddenly he seemed to get it. First he learned to read the numbers and proudly pointed out that we parked by the number 7 the other day at Costco.  And we are practicing counting things. It seems that tangible things you can pick up and move is easier for him to understand than pointing at objects in a book. And he can recite to 20 although things often get a little fuzzy around 16.

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