Playing Games

October 25, 2010 6:23 pm
Posted by: heather

Jace is currently playing Go Fish with Steve. He keeps running around to see what cards Steve has so he knows what to ask for but he is having a lot of fun and he will sit through an entire game. This is all rather new around here. Previously he was interested in taking the pieces from various games and playing with those. He loved rolling the ball down the track in mousetrap and those mice got into lots of trouble around our house. The airplane pieces from a travel game flew around the living room but he had no attention space or interest in actually sitting down and trying to play a game.

Until now. This weekend we taught him how to play mexican train (a domino game for those you are unfamiliar). He was pretty good. It helps that the dominos have colored dots so he can match the pattern and color but get was great at waiting his turn and only going on his train or the mexican train and not trying to go on my train. He didn’t even get too upset when I won both hands that we played (he did come in a close second both times, Steve just plain old lost).  He also likes to play sequence and the previously mentioned Go Fish. I am really looking forward to him getting more into games as I love to play and it will be fun to include him. Now we need to go out and get some more kid appropriate games like chutes and ladders and candyland.

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