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People are animals

November 29, 2010 10:16 am

Steve: …actually, people *are* animals.

Jace: No they’re not. You’re kidding me!

Steve: Yes, really. We have eyes and noses and mouths just like a lot of animals have eyes and noses and mouths [upon further reflection, not a very insightful comparison]. But every animal is different. People wear clothes, and I can’t think of any other animals that wear clothes.

Jace: Umm… actually, some animals have fur, and that’s their clothes.

Steve: Ah, do you suppose we wouldn’t need to wear clothes if we had fur?

Jace: Yeah!

Heather: A long time ago people used to use animal fur as their clothes.

Jace: Yeah! Like my sheep is made of sheep fur! [he has a fluffy white fleece jacket referred to as the "sheep"]

Jace: [long pause] Oh! I got it! And your bear fur jacket that Gran gave you, Mommy. [a brown fleece jacket]

Heather: Remember my black jacket? It’s made out of something called leather that is actually cow skin.

Jace: Wow.

Jace: I have a song for you.

Jace: [in an upbeat happy tune]

Once upon a time
It was a nice sunny day
A cow went walking
But now he’s dead.
So we can make clothes out of his fur.
And weeeee — can have a jacket.

(C) Steve and Heather Leibman, 2007.