An Itchy Christmas

January 9, 2011 10:01 am
Posted by: heather

According to my mother, I would inevitable get sick just in time for Christmas or my birthday. So when Jace and I both went to the doctor’s a week and a half before Christmas,  I thought we had broken the curse of my childhood. That should be plenty of time for the antibotics to clear up our bronchitis and Jace’s ear infection. And it seemed like I was right, until I came home from work on the 23rd, all ready to head north for Christmas.

And that is when I found a very sad Jace, snuggled on the couch with his daddy, covered with hives. Apparently the antibiotics had killed the germs but Jace’s body was not a fan on amoxycillin. He was drugged with Benedryl, and it made him a rather sleepy, sad Jace. 2 days later, on Christmas morning, he was still covered with hives and generally very unhappy so I called the on-call physician to see if he had any recommendations on what to do. He suggested trying children’s zyertec so off I ran to CVS after the kids had opened their stockings. 1 dose and 3 hours later, we actually saw a SMILE on Jace’s face.  Just in time for Christmas.

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