My very first sleepover

January 9, 2011 10:15 am
Posted by: heather

Jace has certainly slept at other people’s houses, and has even slept at my parents house without us there but just before Christmas he had his first true sleepover.

William (and Nick and Julia) invited Jace over for a saturday night sleepover so that Steve and I could enjoy an evening out. We dropped him off just in time for dinner and stayed for a few minutes just to make sure he was okay. He and William immediately ran off and started playing with cars so when we said our goodbyes, he barely looked up. From all we were told, he was very well behaved and had a fabulous time. Nick even commented that at times it was even easier with him there since he amused William. Hopefully we can return the favor sometime and Jace will have many sleepovers over the years with his friends.

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