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It’s the small things

February 11, 2011 11:50 am

They grow up so quickly that sometimes they are reaching another milestone and you aren’t even looking.  Jace is creeping towards four yet it seems like yesterday he was a 2 year old still figuring out the english language. Now his vocabulary is amazing and he can clearly express his every want and need (or every demand as is the case with most 3 1/2 year olds who think their parents are simply there to cater to them).

Jace started potty training last year around the Super Bowl. It went amazingly well and he got the hang of it so quickly that I have to keep reminding myself it has only been a year when we have the occasional night time accident. The other day he announce to me that he wanted to “give [his] froggy potty away to somebody who needs it.” He was done with it. I had been thinking that maybe we didn’t really need it anymore but hadn’t gotten around doing anything about it, partially as I figured it would be a battle. It was so nice to hear that, not only did realize he no longer needed it, but that he wanted to give it somebody who might appreciate and use it. It is now in our basement as I realized that we have little friends who might visit and need it but if Jace finds a person who wants his froggy potty, I will happily give it to them.

Now, most kids learn to take their clothes off around aged 2 or so. In fact, many parents rue the day their kids master this skill as they then spend much time chasing naked monkeys around the house, trying to get them dressed. Not Jace. He learned to take his pants off out of necessity for potty training but shirts, forget it. Stop of a minute and try to figure out how you would try to teach somebody to remove a tshirt. The cross your arms in front of you technique? Pull your arms inside the shirt first, then lift it over your head? Teaching a kid how to take a shirt off is impossible. It takes a certain amount of contortion of either yourself or the shirt to get it off, not to mention the moment it gets stuck over your eyes and you can’t see anything. You can’t tell somebody how to bend their body or not to panic when they get stuck. I have tried and tried but to no avail. Then suddenly Jace wasn’t wearing a shirt.  Turns out his way is to pull it from the back, up over his head toward the front, then extract his arms. It works for him but I would never have thought to suggest that.

My kid is growing up. Fast. He is learning skills, expressing his ideas, having opinions and generally being a little human rather than a toddler or baby. I love it (and hate it).


February 7, 2011 1:30 pm

Last night I wasn’t feeling too well so we had to leave our Superbowl party early. One the way home, Jace asked me what was wrong.

Me: Mommy is feeling sick
Jace: And you couldn’t get your arm up to cover your coughs and sneezes?
Me: No, my tummy is sick
Jace: Oh. Wait, I know why you are sick. You have germs in your tummy.
Me: You are right. Those germs are making my tummy upset
Jace: I know another kind of germ.
Me: Oh really, what kind of germ is that?
Jace: Germ-any.

Laughter fills the car….

Me: You know Germany is a country right?
Jace: Well yeah, they speak Germany there.

Julia and Rachel, please be on note that you will be expected to spout Germs, I mean German, at my son next time you see him.

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