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Sing a little song

April 28, 2011 6:41 pm

I won’t speak for the Leibman’s but Jace definitely did not inherit any singing ability from my side of the family. I am not tone deaf but I am tone defective when it comes to singing. I can hear the sounds, just can’t reproduce them. As such, I have never really enjoyed singing and you will never get me to do karaoke.

Jace, however, loves to sing. Not with other people. It is challenging to convince him to even join in happy birthday. But by himself he is constantly making up little songs, often to a recognizable tune. This morning as he was getting dressed it was “the heel goes in the back, the heel goes in the back, hey ho the heel goes in the back.” Right now it is all about mixing the colors and under the water (yes it is bathtime).

What entertains me

6:30 pm

Jace isn’t very good at entertaining himself. Okay, he is terrible at it. I think it is partially age, partially his social nature, and part being in daycare and constantly being surround by playmates.

However there seems to be one thing now that Jace loves to do. He really enjoys drawing pictures. While they don’t necessarily resemble anything you or I would recognize, the lines are very purposeful and he can tell you exactly what he is drawing. “it is a machine that makes bags” “it is the inside of a shark’s mouth”.

He has drawn so many pictures in the last month that we are put of construction paper. It’s a good thing the weather is getting warmer as now the driveway gives as a reusable drawing surface.


6:12 pm

Tonight Jace got to try his first peep. His response “Daddy, where did you find this incredible thing?”

Guess he liked it.

Fashion Sense

April 3, 2011 7:12 pm

If you knew Steve when I first met him, you will know that fashion sense did not come easily to him. Having grown up with 2 older brothers, hand-me-downs were the norm. However, that didn’t explain the habit of wearing socks that didn’t quite match. They might both be white but one would be ankle length while the other was a tube sock. Needless to say, I have decided to train Jace early on.

And that created the sock matching game. Whenever I do laundry, all the socks get laid out and Jace’s job is to find the socks that match and the “poor lonely socks” that have no friends. It is super cute and he seems to enjoy it. I hope it also means that his future dates won’t have to teach him how match his socks.

One thing I haven’t figured out is his pajama choice. Jace loves to wear mismatched pajamas. I have tried not to laugh or make a big deal out of lightning mcqueen shirts and monster bottoms, but it is quite a sight. Oh well, can’t expect miracles. Steve doesn’t always match and I have been working on him for 10 plus years.

(C) Steve and Heather Leibman, 2007.