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When I Grow Up

May 27, 2011 4:22 pm

Most kids change their minds every 5 minutes as to what they want to be when the grow up. Last summer Jace decided he wanted to be a farmer. He was going to grow vegetables but agreed to grow flowers just for mommy. This career selection lasted almost a year until he decided that he wants to build things when he grows up. I asked him if he wanted to build buildings but he was sure that he was going to be making machines.

Duck duck goose?

4:03 pm

Yes, Jace does like that game but really this post is all about the oddities of the English language.

We live in an area that seems to be a favorite extended layover spot for Canadian Geese. When ever we go out Jace makes a point of looking for geese and pointing them out. Often he “saw 168 geese mommy”. Not sure what it is that number but hey, there are often more than you can count.
Every once in a while one will be spotted by itself. “mommy I saw a big bird with a brown head, long neck, and black wings”. You see, we have been trying hard to teach Jace that there if there is only one it is a goose but if he has friends they are called geese. Let’s just say Jace is not convinced. But instead of calling it “a geese” and getting corrected yet again, he decided the smarter route was just to describe the thing!

I figured I would try making comparisons to other crazy English plurals to see if that helped clear things up.

Me: what is Mickey?
Jace: a mouse (duh!)
Me: if Mickey were with his friend, what would you call them?
Jace: Rats!

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