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Wacky Thursday

March 1, 2012 8:57 am

In honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday, Jace’s class is having a week with a Seussian theme. Today they will be writing their own stories in a Dr. Seuss style. Jace spent some time last night making the outline for his plot.

Inspired by “Wacky Wednesday” (written but not illustrated by Dr. Seuss), he intends to write “Wacky Thursday” which will include, in Jace’s words:

  1. A cow with two bums [of the rear-end variety, rather than the homeless].
  2. A pizza that has a tree on it.
  3. A toilet with a door handle for its flushing thing.
  4. A snake for a hose.
  5. A flower coming out of a sprinkler.
  6. A leaf for a helicopter’s propeller.
  7. Electric cord going to a house from the sun.
  8. The Cat in the Hat without his hat.

I’m  looking forward to seeing the resulting book. Maybe he’ll end up delegating to a team of illustrators.



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