How Trevor made it to the outside

May 15, 2012 1:01 pm
Posted by: heather

We all know that Jace was not a small baby. At 9lbs 3 oz and since he was as happy as a clam, it took some work to convince him to come out. With this history of a large baby and based on how big my belly was measuring, my OB wanted to keep an eye on Trevor’s growth as the pregnancy continued to make sure there were no issues and because, as she nicely put it, “we don’t want to break you!” This meant a couple of extra ultrasounds along the way which was actually kind of cool as I got to see him growing on the inside. The ultrasounds showed no problems but did indicate that he was trending along a size at least as big as Jace. At 38 weeks my OB said she would be happy for me to go into labor at anytime. However, she then stated that they won’t induce you just for having a large baby. DRAT.

Well, it turns out that I just don’t go into labor on my own. At 41 weeks they admitted me to be induced. I was about 2 centimeters dilated so we went right to the pitocin. And my body did exactly what it did with Jace, regular mild contractions that did nothing to progress the labor. By the afternoon I was getting grumpy from lack of food and it was clear that we were getting nowhere. So they stopped the pitocin and gave me some prostaglandin (I believe it was the same kind that finally worked with Jace. They also let me eat at 10pm so Steve was sent on a foraging mission down the to cafe as the fridge in labor and delivery was woefully understocked. The grilled chicken caesar salad was amazing (I might have been slightly biased, since I hadn’t eaten since 7am!).

I had a couple of doses of prostaglandin overnight and they checked me in the morning after the shift change. While my OB was not on this time around, the OB on duty on saturday was the woman I had seen in the office for the last checkup so it was nice to see a familar face. With this check it seemed that my body had made some progress so they started the pitocin again.  This time it seemed to do some work as a couple of hours later they decided that I had progressed enough to break my water as that had really gotten things moving when I was delivering Jace. Worked like a charm and soon I was having strong, regular contractions and that wonderful Epidural. Time was rather a blur at this point but I started to push around 3pm and the doctor was hoping he would be born pretty quickly. Trevor, however, had other ideas.

We made progress for a while but then he kept hitting his head on my pelvic bone and would not come any further. The doctor was willing to let me push for 2 1/2 hrs as that was how long it took for Jace but after about 2 hrs I was exhausted and it was pretty evident we were going nowhere. So on to plan B. This had always been an option on the table as we knew that Trevor was rather large but obviously the doctor and I had been hoping to avoid it. However, sometimes a C Section is just what is best for baby and mom so off we headed to the operating room. I won’t get into the gory details but suffice to say it is major surgery and I don’t respond well to high levels of pitocin. I was pretty miserable on my side of the tented drape but everything on the other side was going well. Trevor came out at 5:24pm. The clearest memory I have of this is the doctors and nurses guessing how much he weighed (they were estimating 10lbs) and somebody exclaiming “there is no way that head was coming out that way”. Welcome to the world coconut head boy…

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