Mr. Curiosity

May 31, 2012 12:28 pm
Posted by: heather

Some babies are happy to lay around calmly in their chair or on their playmat waiting until their next feeding. Not Trevor, Mr. Curiosity. He wants to be up looking around at everything that is going on. It isn’t so much that he wants to be held (although he certainly appreciates that) but he wants you to hold him upright, facing out so he can see what is going on in the world. He loves going outside, to the grocery store or other interesting places. He wants to be able to sit up so badly that he is happy to keep on trying and trying (unlike tummy time which he thinks is a waste of energy). We are eagerly waiting to see Craig and Alyssa again so that we can borrow a bumbo for Trevor. But even better than sitting is standing. Yes, Trevor wants you to pull him up to standing and hold him like that for as long as possible. And I have to say, he is pretty impressive on the amount of weight bearing he can do on his little legs. Something tells me I am in trouble with this one and he will be pulling himself to standing and learning to walk as soon as he is able!

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