Where should I sleep tonight?

June 14, 2012 2:40 pm
Posted by: heather

When we brought Jace home from the hospital, he slept in a bassinet in our room for about 3 weeks before we kicked him out to the crib in his own room because he was just too damn noisy! The kid grunted, wiggled and generally make some kind of noise such that I was up half the night trying to tell if he was just making noises in his sleep or stirring, wanting some food.
Jump forward to Trevor and we tried to put him in the bassinet in our room for the same arrangement to make night time feeds easier. Well he was having none of it. I don’t know if it was because he gassy so sleeping on his back stretched out is uncomfortable, because he spits up a lot so being on his back made it worse, or if he just didn’t like being alone but he was NOT going to sleep in the bassinet no matter how hard we tried. For the first month and a half to two months he slept snuggled in our arms in our bed. He was laying on his side which made him much happier to begin with and he was totally content if he had one of our arms wrapped around him. What can I say, he isn’t nicknamed snugglebug for nothing.

Of course the American Academy of Pediatrics and thus our pediatrician doesn’t approve of cosleeping and while I know plenty of people who have done it, and continue to enjoy a family bed, I was a little nervous about it. He is a very small being and unable to move on his own if accidentally relocated into a unsafe position. Also, I don’t sleep as well when holding a squirmy little thing. After talking to our pediatrician, we decided on a compromise. Instead of putting Trevor on his back in the bassinet, we would put him on his side with a rolled up towel at his back and knees to keep him from flopping forward or backwards, thoroughly wedged in. It took a couple of nights to get him used to this arrangement but he eventually decided that it was to his liking. Fully swaddled and unable to move, he is a snug bug!

Jump forward a month or so and I looked down at the bassinet one morning at the warning labels that are printed on everything these days. Actually makes sense to print them on the bed/carseat/packnplay etc because we don’t exactly keep the owner’s manual around for frequent review. Well, turns out our bassinet is designed to be used up to 15lb and 3 months. Well, Trevor managed to reach those two stipulations at aboutĀ  the same time but we had only just gottenĀ  to the point where we were all sleeping comfortably. Now I was faced with the proposition of changing things all over again.

I procrastinated for a week, then Steve was out of town which seemed like a bad time to make changes, so finally three weeks later I decided it was time to try to get Trevor sleeping in his crib. He had been sleeping on his back a little more at night time so I started with trying to put him down that way in his crib. FAIL. I would get him down to sleep around 8pm only to have him wake up 45 minutes later screaming his head off. I rolled up another towel and place it behind him in the crib even though if he rolls backwards, the towel will move away. I figured that he might like the feeling of something behind him after his previous snug arrangement. Slightly more success. He slept for a couple of hours before waking up, eating, falling back asleep then waking back up and screaming his head off. Each night we try to keep him in the crib for a little longer before bringing him into our room and putting him back in the bassinet. Hopefully soon he will learn to sleep the whole night in there because we are both exhausted from the night time screaming. Perhaps we should had done it at 3 weeks like Jace but I have to say I miss him when he is in the other room. For some reason, I really like keeping this one near to me even if we are both sleeping.

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