Cranky Baby has an excuse

July 5, 2012 7:21 pm
Posted by: heather

Yesterday was July 4th and we had a very busy day going to the Melrose bike, trike, wagon and stroller parade in the morning followed by a bbq with friends and fireworks at night. Trevor was a cranky baby who refused to take an afternoon nap since wasn’t home in his snuggly bed. We tried putting him down in our friend’s pack and play, walking him around in the ergo but he was just unable to settle down. I was a little worried about going to the fireworks but Jace was so excited that I didn’t want to ruin his evening just because Trevor was having a bad day so we compromised on going to the Wakefield fireworks by our house rather than the Waltham ones with friends. The fireworks were wonderful and Trevor actually slept through most of them! The grand finale woke him up but he mostly just whimpered a little.

Today he was in an even worse mood and wanted to be held or played with whenever he wasn’t napping or eating. I couldn’t put him down long enough to go to the bathroom without him erupting in tears. It was like he was 6 weeks old again. Then around dinner time I was playing with him and let him chew on my finger (one of his favorite activities!). And what did I feel but one sharp little tooth poking through his bottom gum. Further inspection showed its neighbor is also coming in. Guess you can’t blame the kid for a little crankiness when he has sharp objects poking through his skin.

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