PreK Graduation

July 6, 2012 9:35 am
Posted by: heather

My big boy is so grown up. He just graduated from Pre-K! They had a wonderful ceremony (designed to make the parents tear up!) that his teachers Miss Amanda and Miss Jackie worked so hard on with the kids. All the students memorized two songs which they sang then each child in the class was given an award. Quite appropriately Jace was named the class bookworm. He has loved his stories ever since he was a baby and sometimes the only time he will sit still is while somebody is reading to him. There was a slide show of the kids showing their activities from the past year and a mystery photo game where we had to guess who each child was from a baby picture. It is amazing how much they have all grown.

Jace has had a wonderful time at Teachable Moments this last year. We loved April’s daycare in Medford and were so sad to move on but I have to say this place has been a great experience and Jace has learned so much. It helped that he had his buddy William at school every day and such a wonderful teacher in Miss Amanda.

Jace will continue at Teachable Moments for the summer at their “camp” then it is off to Kindergarten in the fall!

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