Hugs and Kisses

July 29, 2012 6:45 pm
Posted by: heather

When your baby first smiles up at you, it is incredibly heart warming, especially since you have been giving so much to keep this little creature warm, happy and fed and it is the first time you feel like you are getting some acknowledgement of your hard work. However, my favorite things are the first hugs and kisses. Trevor loves when I sit cross-legged and he stands on my legs facing me. He snuggles in close, puts his little arms around my neck, tangles his fingers through my hair and gives me sloppy wet open mouthed baby kisses on my cheek. I am in heaven. He is so gentle even with his fingers in my hair and has such a big grin on his face that you can’t help but be as caught up in the moment as he is. Damn that kid is cute some times!

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