How to train your Trevor

August 29, 2012 9:49 am
Posted by: heather
How to train your Trevor

Trevor is a big fan of  breakfast and dinner. He enjoys the eating part and he really loves the spoon. He loves to grab it and chew on it as I think the soft plastic feels good against his gums. However, as you can see, his love of the spoon leads to rather a mess. In fact it got worse once he learned to throw the spoon over the edge of his chair and we ended up with carrot EVERYWHERE.

I decided enough was enough. Carrot facials were not for me. So I decided to try to teach him not to grab the spoon. To be honest I didn’t think it would work but I figured I could at least minimize the mess if not prevent it. I started out by using my free hand to gently hold his hand down on the tray. . He was quite happy with this as he loves to hold hands and I would let him chew on the spoon every once in a while (when it was clean of food) to take a break to eat a bite of my own food.  After a few days of this I started letting go of his hand to see what would happen. For the most part he kept his hands resting on the tray but periodically would reach up and grab for the spoon. I would respond “No, No”, pull the spoon away and when he put his hand down (sometimes with my help) I would say “Thank you”.  After about a week of this he stopped grabbing. It was awesome. I trained my dragon, I mean, my baby. He no longer keeps his hands down on the tray but flaps them at his sides while opening his mouth and squealing “ah ah ah”  just like a baby bird waiting for a worm. He still gets the spoon to chew on at the end as a reward and a sign that the meal is done.

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