Trevor at 6 Months

August 29, 2012 9:59 am
Posted by: heather
Trevor at 6 Months

Trevor has grown so much in his first 6 months. I can’t believe half a year has passed and our fun summer together is almost over. In just a week and a half, Trevor starts daycare and I go back to work. I have to say I have enjoyed my maternity leave much more with Trevor than with Jace. Partially because it was longer but mostly because I was way more relaxed this time around. Having already had a baby, I knew what to expect and what to do so there was much less stress. That is not to say that Trevor has been any easier than Jace; he cries at the drop of the hat, hates being put down and is completely unpredictable like all babies, but I am just more comfortable dealing with it and okay with letting him cry or fuss for a few minutes if I need to go to the bathroom or something like that!

I still refer to the “What to Expect the First Year” book that I used with Jace and it is interesting to check back at the end of each month to the section of “What your Baby may be doing” to see how many milestone Trevor has met. He easily does all the things a baby “should” be able to do like keeping head level when being pulled to sitting. He can also do the things a six month old “will probably” be able to do such as sitting without support. He has been working REALLY hard at this all month and is fairly stable now. He is more likely to fall forward or sideways as he reaches for something that is out of reach but I still either sit behind him or put the boppy behind him just in case as falling backwards can’t be comfortable! Trevor will work hard to try to grab a toy that he wants and will pass it from one hand to the other before experimenting with gravity and dropping or throwing the toy. He loves to stand holding on to you and is very interested in what other people are doing. This means he can do all the things a baby “may possibly” be able to do but he hasn’t figured out any of the “may even” be able to do such as creeping and crawling and getting to sitting or standing by himself which is just fine by me as I am definitely not ready for a mobile child yet!

I will update his stats (height and weight) after his dr’s appt next week but here a few other interesting tidbits – He loves to eat solid food at breakfast and dinner and to blow raspberries on his arms or your cheeks. He hates to be left alone in a room but loves to have you sing to him. He doesn’t even mind the fact that I can’t hold a tune. He usually wakes up twice a night to eat which is getting a little tiring for me but does go bed around 7pm as he is exhausted even after two good naps each day. He typically wakes up between 6 and 7 which is totally normal but seems to have no self soothing skills no matter how much we try to let him figure out falling asleep by himself. He either falls asleep after nursing or cries for at least 30 minutes until he just exhausts himself to sleep. Trevor gives Daddy and Jace huge smiles when he sees them but is clearly a mommy’s boy at this point, probably because we spend so much time together and I am his primary source of food. He loves to go outside and watch the cars go by and the wind blow the trees. In fact, if he is crying, going outside is often the best remedy.  Sophie the Giraffe is probably his favorite toy although he also likes the Owl rattle that Lea bought him and Peyton the elephant which Jace played with. He is starting to hug the puppy lovie at bedtime that Jace chose for him. Oh, and he is growing out of his 6-9 month sleepers and onsies. This kid is TALL.  And he still spits up only now we get carrot/milk spitup. YUCK. Overall he is a cutie pie and I love my baby boo.

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