The age of reason

October 22, 2012 4:21 pm
Posted by: Steve Leibman

Though Trevor can’t quite yet crawl around the room (check back in a couple days for that), he can somehow successfully reach his arms out to grab anything in a 6-foot radius if you turn your back on him. He also has now given a demonstration that he knows that there are things that he is not supposed to do, and that he will do them anyway.

The other day I left Trevor in the living room. As I was leaving, he was babbling and grunting like a baby gorilla the way he usually does. I expected him to either continue with the animal noises or scream loudly in protest at me leaving the room, but instead it got very quiet. After being gone just long enough to go to the bathroom, I came back to find that he had obtained and dismantled the kleenex box, and was working his way through the tissues, grabbing and ripping big handfuls of them.

He looked at me.
I looked at him.
His forehead wrinkled up and his eyes got wider.
I smiled at him and said “hi” like I normally might do.
He got the most guilty expression I have ever seen on a baby, and clamped his mouth shut, refusing to talk, and refusing to let me see that he had been busy chewing on a large glob of tissue.

The Trevor has clearly graduated to personhood.

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