What’s Your Animal?

December 27, 2012 10:15 am
Posted by: heather

Ever since I was a toddler, my animal has been a rabbit. I had a little blue rabbit that I carried around by the ears for years. My friend Louise had a pet rabbit as a kid and I was soooo jealous since all I had was a guinea pig.  Even now I love rabbits and have several stuffed animal rabbits scattered around. One day I would love to have a litter box trained pet rabbit that hops around the house.

Jace was born into his animal. When I was decorating his nursery, I decided to do a frog theme around two stuffed frogs that I had. Steve painted frogs on the wall and the bedding was green to coordinate. When we moved last year, we had to paint over the frogs since we were renting out the apartment to two women who were a little old for froggy walls. Jace was really sad to see the frogs go so this year for Christmas, Steve painted a new frog which I framed to hang on Jace’s new bedroom wall.

Trevor now has his animal too. For halloween this year I initially tried to squeeze him into Jace’s frog costume but it was clear that he was not meant to be a frog (mostly because it was a tad to small). So instead I found a giraffe costume because that is one of my favorite animals. He already had a couple of outfits with giraffes on them that I had picked out so it was perfect. It seems that  others have  jumped on the giraffe train as Trevor got a stuffed giraffe in his stocking from Santa and a giraffe fleece blanket from his daycare providers. Sure hope he grows up to appreciate the beauty of a giraffe. He certainly seems to relate to them as he is really tall!

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