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April 25, 2012 3:46 pm

Neither of our boys’ given names lend themselves to be shorted. It just worked out that way, probably because Leibman is long and usually mispronounced, we picked simple first names. However, as a kid, it bothered me that I never had a nickname while everyone else did. I think I see nicknames as love names, given to us by the people who care about us.

As most of you know, Jace’s nickname since around birth was “piglet”. Boy did that kid like to eat, and in fact, still does. Plus I am a Winnie the Pooh fan and piglet was always one of my favorite characters. I still call him that on occasion and he responds to it without question.  As such, it only seemed fitting that Trevor also get a nickname. While he does enjoy eating, there is something Trevor loves even more than that. He loves to be held, loves to snuggle. Hense the name “snugglebug” or for ease, just plain old “bug”.

Mommy, I want a pet. Part 2

August 30, 2010 7:55 pm

This weekend we got our second request for a pet (see the previous post at the beginning of August for the first request). This one was a little more realistic on Jace’s part but I don’t think he stands a chance.

Jace -Mommy, can I get a puppy?

Me – But Jace, you are afraid of dogs

Jace – But it would be a nice puppy

Me – You will have to ask Daddy [okay I cheated, I knew daddy's answer and for once he was going to be the bad parent]

Jace – Daddy, can I have a puppy

Daddy – No

Jace – But why not

Daddy – Because you have to clean up after them and I don’t like picking up poop

Jace – But I LIKE picking up poop. Uncle Malcolm is smart, he uses a plastic bag to pick up poop. I would be smart like Uncle Malcolm.


Jace – Well them maybe I can have a crab [Note: we went crabbing the day before and caught three blue crabs. Very fun and very yummy. Jace was a little afraid at first, then enjoyed watching them try to eat the fish bait]

Mommy – Maybe when you are older you can have a pet crab

I wonder how many more times we will have to address this request? I have to say I was a little surprised since he is so terrified of all animals but perhaps the fear is waning a little.

Mommy, I want a pet

August 2, 2010 6:45 pm

Most kids clammer for a dog or a cat.  Not our Jace.

Jace – “Mommy can we get a Whale?”

Jace – “We could get a tiny tiny one and he could swim in our bathtub”

Me – “If there was a whale in our bathtub how could I take a shower?”

Jace – ” I would take him out and hold him while you took a shower”

Me – “But whales need to stay in water, they like to be wet”

Jace – “I’ll keep him wet while I hold him on the little stool”


Jace – “The problem with whales is they get big. I guess it won’t fit in our bathtub”

*this story has been abbreviated for the sakes of our readers. The conversation went on for a good few minutes at dinner time tonight.

Jace’s Friends

July 12, 2010 6:29 pm

Jace has always loved his stuffed animals and has definitely gives them a personality. On Sunday morning, when he woke up I went in to see how he was doing. He still seemed slightly groggy so I told him he was welcome to stay in bed for a few more minutes but I was headed to the living room.  He immediately handed me his stuffed penguin and told me that I had to take it  to the living room with me because “penguin is afraid of the dark”. He then proceeded to inform me that bunny was NOT afraid of the dark (which is a good thing, since bunny accompanies Jace to bed every night).

The pool

6:22 pm

On Saturday, Jace and I ended up at Nick, Julia and William’s house where Nick set up the pool to help the boys escape the heat. Jace looked at the pool and said “there are no cats on it”  I was a little confused but I figured he had gone to somebody’s house who had a pool with cats as decorations.  After we came home, I relayed this story to Steve, mostly to figure out who’s pools Jace was talking about. He laughed. Apparently Jace mistakes “kiddy” pool for “kitty” pool. Knowing our friend’s cats, they aren’t about to make the same mistake.


May 25, 2010 8:26 pm

Jace love dinosaurs. And he knows quite a few, probably thanks to our daycare provider’s oldest son who is 7 and thus an expert on all thing dinosaur. Jace seems to like the ever popular tyrannosaurus rex and often refers to himself as “baby T-Rex“. Baby T-Rex seems to squeal a lot. Apparently, I am his second favorite dinosaur, Diplodocus. Mostly when Jace decides to run and we start to race. Diplodocus seems to always have to lose, however. I am not sure how I feel about plodding along as a Diplodocus and coming in last but it seems to make him happy and somebody has to support those herbivores. And yes, Jace knows all about herbivores and carnivores, although he also thinks Baby T-Rex should enjoy a good pancake as well. Is there such a thing as a carbivore?

H1N1 vaccine

November 22, 2009 12:42 pm

Like everyone else in this country we have weighed the options as to whether to get Jace an H1N1 vaccine. Having decided that it was probably a good idea, we waited, with everyone else, to find out when it might be a available. I got a phone call from our pediatrian’s office saying that they had a limited supply of  vaccines. I have no idea how they got them when so many others have not, but perhaps, because go to a family care doctor instead of a true pediatrian, they have less children in the practice so they are not just limiting it to kids with asthma etc. We signed up to go Wednesday night and I told Jace he was going to get a piggy shot. He is a trooper when it comes to shots and actually likes going to the doctor’s office because he gets stickers. However, this time he informed me he didn’t want a piggy shot. At first I was worried this was going to be the start of a fear of shots, but he quickly added he wanted a donkey shot instead. When we went the doctor’s office the nurse was more than happy to play along. Jace got the very first donkey shot in the country!

Heard at the zoo today

May 10, 2009 5:46 pm

Me – “Hey Jace, look, a deer”

Jace – “yummy”


January 29, 2009 9:32 pm

Jace is starting to get the hang of the english language these days. The majority of the time it is still Jace babble but he has a few good words to throw at you. Like MINE and NO and PEASE (please). Still crazy about fruit, he has a name for grapes and blueberries that if he says it when the fruit is around, you can figure out what he wants. Same with banana. Apple is pretty recognizable although it sounds very similar to April (his daycare provider).

He is certainly becoming a good parrot these days so we had better start watching what we say. Today I said we were going home and he clearly repeated OME.  And when we look at the pictures in his book he knows chair and hat.

When language fails, however, his tried and true method of communicating is either to cry (if you put him down or leave the room or don’t give him the glass in your hand) or drag to you whatever he wants (like the fridge so you can open the door and he can open the fruit drawer and pick grapes).


November 16, 2008 7:39 pm

In my opinion there is nothing cuter than kids dressed up for halloween. So Jace decided that he would host his first halloween party this year. We had quite a menagerie of creatures show up along with a few friends – 2 cows, a lamb, a penguin, 2 pumpkins, a storm trooper, Pocahontas, a witch and superman.

On the night of Halloween we decided that Jace should check out trick or treating (and score some loot for his parents). Actually we thought a couple of neighbors with kids would appreciate seeing him dressed up so we took him across the street to see Henry (a 4 year old) and around the corner to see Charlotte. Unfortunately Charlotte was napping but we did get to see Henry’s swamp monster costume!

After that we headed over to Nick and Julia’s to let the boys hang out and their families see a monkey and elephant in action.

Jace was a little nervous at first with all these people he hadn’t met before but his bear made it bearable :)

I’m sorry, I know I am biased but that is just plain adorable.

(C) Steve and Heather Leibman, 2007.