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Little Monkey

August 27, 2008 8:17 pm

Jace’s nickname has definitely morphed from piglet to monkey. The other morning I look over at where he was playing in the corner with his garage and found him standing on top it. This evening he climbed up the down side of the slide and then later, onto the coffee table.

And the best part is when you pick him up and he clings to you like a baby monkey. Those are some of the best hugs out there. Well, until you need to put him down and find that after you have let go, he is still hanging there.

Little Baboon

April 6, 2008 7:44 pm

Yes, another animal! Jace has started clinging to us when we hold him. Either wrapping his arm around ours if he is down low, or putting his arm around the back of our necks when he is up on our shoulders. He is like a little baboon, clinging to it’s mommy. Very cute and it feels like a real hug!

How to calm a squealing piglet (at 3am)

January 22, 2008 8:35 pm

rub his little feet. or try massaging the back of his neck.

warning – this might not work for a piglet of the farmyard variety.

Where has my baby bird gone?

January 8, 2008 9:57 pm

We started Jace on “solid” food a little after 5 months. The first couple of days he was confused then figured it out and was like a little baby bird, opening his mouth and chirping for more. It was very cute! After about a week and a half we tried oatmeal and he had a really hard time with it. I think because it is stickier he had a hard time swallowing it and it made him gag. After three days of him repeatedly gagging on it, I decided to switch back to rice cereal. Problem is he now associates solid food with gagging so he won’t eat ANY!

Eating at this point is really just practice since all his calories really come from milk but it is a little frustrating knowing that he CAN eat it, he just has a hangup. We are going to take a break for a little while and try again. I’m sure he will learn to eat solids before goes away to college.

Where’s Bullwinkle?

9:54 pm

While we were in Colorado, Jace’s second cousins, Jackson and Nicholas came over to visit. Since Steve’s mom is the oldest of 11 and Jackson and Nicolas’ dad is the youngest, they aren’t much older than Jace. Jackson is 5 and Nicholas is 2. Their mom Renee brought us a few things the boys had grown out of, mostly winter hats. Our favorite has to be this one.

We are now wondering when Bullwinkle will show up to keep Jace company.

Sticky Pink Piglet

November 4, 2007 3:15 pm

Last Sunday at 3:30 am, Jace woke up screaming his little head off. Since he wasn’t hungry having just at an hour or so before, Steve got up and tried to console him. And tried, and tried and tried. Nothing would make our little piglet go back to sleep. Finally at about 6am I nursed him in bed and he passed out from extreme exhaustion. We we got up at 8:30 he clearly had a fever so we gave him some tylenol and hoped he would feel better. He seemed to improve a little but was very clingy all day then cried again all evening, causing me to call our friend Kate in a panic. Kate has a PhD in nursing and 2 boys of her own so she is definitely the person you call when you don’t know what else to do Unfortunately she had no great tricks up her sleeve but she did make me feel a little better even if Jace didn’t.

That night he absolutely refused to be put down in his crib and kept crying until I brought him into bed with us and nursed him on and off all night so he could get some sleep. The next morning the poor little kid still had a fever so we made an appointment with the doctor. Turns out Kate was right, Jace has an ear infection as a result of the cold he has been nursing for the last couple of weeks. We got a prescription for Amoxycillin.

Apparently you are supposed to give 1 tsp of Amoxycillin, 3 times a day. They give you a handy dandy syringe to squirt this stuff into his mouth. Sounds easy enough. Well, you try giving a squirming little boy a syringe full of stick pink liquid. 1 tsp may not sound like much but getting him to swallow it all is a challenge. You end up with a very sticky pink piglet at the end of it all.

Jace is clearly feeling much better but we still have several more sticky pink days to go.

Frog Prince

October 31, 2007 9:05 pm

Jace was a frog for Halloween. Somehow this seemed inevitable since his nursery is decorated with lots of frogs. When Deb told me she had seen a froggie costume in Babies R Us, I couldn’t resist. Did my 4 month old child really need to dress up for Halloween? Probably not but it was fun. What is more to the point, he even wore his costume 3 times!

On Saturday, Geoff and Aurianne hosted an Octoberfest brewfest. To get into the spirit of things they asked that everyone dress up in their Bavarian Best. Steve and I happened to already have Bavarian costumes from Mark and Angie’s Octoberfest several years ago. Jace, well, he got to be a Frösche.

Then on Sunday Jace and I stopped by a halloween party hosted by one of the other mom’s from our Isis group. It was neat to see a couple of the babies who we had met when they were 6 weeks old.

The final froggie day was, ofcourse, today; Halloween. We didn’t have too many trick or treaters but April (our daycare provider) stopped by with her kids and Jace got to say hello to Edward and Henry from across the street and a couple of other random groups of kids.

I now have lots of leftover candy to try not to eat!

A turtle?

September 21, 2007 6:01 pm

As you all know by now, for some reason we love the animal imagery that Jace brings to mind. We have been calling him piglet since he was born, partially because of his love of food but also due to his high pitched squeals. The latest animal is a turtle. Jace new talent is he has now started to spin around on his back in his sleep. The other day I came into his room in the morning and he had managed to rotate 90 degrees in his crib so his feet were between the vertical bars. All this while swaddled. Somehow I just thought of a turtle stuck on his shell spinning around.

Feeding An Octopus

July 9, 2007 10:40 am
Feeding An Octopus

Ever tried to feed an octopus? Well, it is as hard as one would think. It seems like whenever we try to breastfeed, Jace grows extra arms. These arms grab at me, try to push him away from me and generally get in the way of him latching on. Swaddling can help but then he tends to fall asleep. At least the vacuum cleaner attachment seems to have found a lower setting!

Raised by frogs

July 8, 2007 1:01 pm

When we were getting a room ready for housing our child, we thought it would be cute to paint a little scene with frogs on the wall. But we underestimated the degree to which children imitate their surroundings. Based on his new favorite pose (seen here), Jace has obviously been spending way too much time with the frogs…


Time to start cutting down on frog exposure.

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