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Fashion Sense

April 3, 2011 7:12 pm

If you knew Steve when I first met him, you will know that fashion sense did not come easily to him. Having grown up with 2 older brothers, hand-me-downs were the norm. However, that didn’t explain the habit of wearing socks that didn’t quite match. They might both be white but one would be ankle length while the other was a tube sock. Needless to say, I have decided to train Jace early on.

And that created the sock matching game. Whenever I do laundry, all the socks get laid out and Jace’s job is to find the socks that match and the “poor lonely socks” that have no friends. It is super cute and he seems to enjoy it. I hope it also means that his future dates won’t have to teach him how match his socks.

One thing I haven’t figured out is his pajama choice. Jace loves to wear mismatched pajamas. I have tried not to laugh or make a big deal out of lightning mcqueen shirts and monster bottoms, but it is quite a sight. Oh well, can’t expect miracles. Steve doesn’t always match and I have been working on him for 10 plus years.

My very first sleepover

January 9, 2011 10:15 am

Jace has certainly slept at other people’s houses, and has even slept at my parents house without us there but just before Christmas he had his first true sleepover.

William (and Nick and Julia) invited Jace over for a saturday night sleepover so that Steve and I could enjoy an evening out. We dropped him off just in time for dinner and stayed for a few minutes just to make sure he was okay. He and William immediately ran off and started playing with cars so when we said our goodbyes, he barely looked up. From all we were told, he was very well behaved and had a fabulous time. Nick even commented that at times it was even easier with him there since he amused William. Hopefully we can return the favor sometime and Jace will have many sleepovers over the years with his friends.

An Itchy Christmas

10:01 am

According to my mother, I would inevitable get sick just in time for Christmas or my birthday. So when Jace and I both went to the doctor’s a week and a half before Christmas,  I thought we had broken the curse of my childhood. That should be plenty of time for the antibotics to clear up our bronchitis and Jace’s ear infection. And it seemed like I was right, until I came home from work on the 23rd, all ready to head north for Christmas.

And that is when I found a very sad Jace, snuggled on the couch with his daddy, covered with hives. Apparently the antibiotics had killed the germs but Jace’s body was not a fan on amoxycillin. He was drugged with Benedryl, and it made him a rather sleepy, sad Jace. 2 days later, on Christmas morning, he was still covered with hives and generally very unhappy so I called the on-call physician to see if he had any recommendations on what to do. He suggested trying children’s zyertec so off I ran to CVS after the kids had opened their stockings. 1 dose and 3 hours later, we actually saw a SMILE on Jace’s face.  Just in time for Christmas.

Playing Games

October 25, 2010 6:23 pm

Jace is currently playing Go Fish with Steve. He keeps running around to see what cards Steve has so he knows what to ask for but he is having a lot of fun and he will sit through an entire game. This is all rather new around here. Previously he was interested in taking the pieces from various games and playing with those. He loved rolling the ball down the track in mousetrap and those mice got into lots of trouble around our house. The airplane pieces from a travel game flew around the living room but he had no attention space or interest in actually sitting down and trying to play a game.

Until now. This weekend we taught him how to play mexican train (a domino game for those you are unfamiliar). He was pretty good. It helps that the dominos have colored dots so he can match the pattern and color but get was great at waiting his turn and only going on his train or the mexican train and not trying to go on my train. He didn’t even get too upset when I won both hands that we played (he did come in a close second both times, Steve just plain old lost).  He also likes to play sequence and the previously mentioned Go Fish. I am really looking forward to him getting more into games as I love to play and it will be fun to include him. Now we need to go out and get some more kid appropriate games like chutes and ladders and candyland.

Counting 123

6:12 pm

Jace has known the letters of the alphabet for quite a while now, thanks to April and the zoo phonics program that she uses. All the letters have an animal, their sounds, their name and a hand sign.  D is DeeDee Deer and her sign is holding your fingers up on the side of your head like antlers. Jace can recognize each letter and and will usually say the sound although for some reason he always says “W” rather than the sound for that letter. He is starting to figure out how to sound out words and even recognized the “NO” on a no turn on red sign the other day without prompting. “Look mommy, that sign says no” was really cool to hear.

However, he has never been quite as good with numbers. He could recite 1 through 10 but didn’t really understand the correlation between numbers and the quantity of actual objects. He once pointed out that there were two dogs walking but when asked to count objects on a page in a book he waves his fingers around and counts randomly. Then suddenly he seemed to get it. First he learned to read the numbers and proudly pointed out that we parked by the number 7 the other day at Costco.  And we are practicing counting things. It seems that tangible things you can pick up and move is easier for him to understand than pointing at objects in a book. And he can recite to 20 although things often get a little fuzzy around 16.

Mommy, I want a pet. Part 2

August 30, 2010 7:55 pm

This weekend we got our second request for a pet (see the previous post at the beginning of August for the first request). This one was a little more realistic on Jace’s part but I don’t think he stands a chance.

Jace -Mommy, can I get a puppy?

Me – But Jace, you are afraid of dogs

Jace – But it would be a nice puppy

Me – You will have to ask Daddy [okay I cheated, I knew daddy's answer and for once he was going to be the bad parent]

Jace – Daddy, can I have a puppy

Daddy – No

Jace – But why not

Daddy – Because you have to clean up after them and I don’t like picking up poop

Jace – But I LIKE picking up poop. Uncle Malcolm is smart, he uses a plastic bag to pick up poop. I would be smart like Uncle Malcolm.


Jace – Well them maybe I can have a crab [Note: we went crabbing the day before and caught three blue crabs. Very fun and very yummy. Jace was a little afraid at first, then enjoyed watching them try to eat the fish bait]

Mommy – Maybe when you are older you can have a pet crab

I wonder how many more times we will have to address this request? I have to say I was a little surprised since he is so terrified of all animals but perhaps the fear is waning a little.

Farm Share

7:44 pm

This summer we ventured into the wild world of Community Shared Agriculture (CSA’s) otherwise known as farm shares.

Our reasoning for exploring this was threefold.

1. We were bored. Well, bored of eating the same veggies over and over.

2. We have a child who actually eats veggies right now. Therefore we figured we should feed him as many as possible now so that when he decides in a few months that he hates them again, he will have stored up enough vitamins to last for a while

3. It is good for the environment or something like that.

Having spoken to various people who had done it before, we searched for a farm that had both a convenient pickup spot and a small sized share.  I have to say it has been a big success. We have gotten all kinds of vegetables, may of which  we had never tried before. We have had a range of greens (Kale, Swiss Chard, Mustard Greens), squashes, tomatoes galore (good thing we love fresh salsa), Beets (okay, I admit it, am getting sick of the beets),  Eggplant (eggplant parmesan is yummy, not sure about plain eggplant yet), Lettuces, Cukes, Broccoli, and many more.

Jace seems to be enjoying it. He has showed up the proper way to eat a pepper…

Step 1, lick it to make sure it is fresh

Step 2, take a bite or three

And that carrots can make a good hiding place…

Mommy, I want a pet

August 2, 2010 6:45 pm

Most kids clammer for a dog or a cat.  Not our Jace.

Jace – “Mommy can we get a Whale?”

Jace – “We could get a tiny tiny one and he could swim in our bathtub”

Me – “If there was a whale in our bathtub how could I take a shower?”

Jace – ” I would take him out and hold him while you took a shower”

Me – “But whales need to stay in water, they like to be wet”

Jace – “I’ll keep him wet while I hold him on the little stool”


Jace – “The problem with whales is they get big. I guess it won’t fit in our bathtub”

*this story has been abbreviated for the sakes of our readers. The conversation went on for a good few minutes at dinner time tonight.

Jace’s Friends

July 12, 2010 6:29 pm

Jace has always loved his stuffed animals and has definitely gives them a personality. On Sunday morning, when he woke up I went in to see how he was doing. He still seemed slightly groggy so I told him he was welcome to stay in bed for a few more minutes but I was headed to the living room.  He immediately handed me his stuffed penguin and told me that I had to take it  to the living room with me because “penguin is afraid of the dark”. He then proceeded to inform me that bunny was NOT afraid of the dark (which is a good thing, since bunny accompanies Jace to bed every night).

The pool

6:22 pm

On Saturday, Jace and I ended up at Nick, Julia and William’s house where Nick set up the pool to help the boys escape the heat. Jace looked at the pool and said “there are no cats on it”  I was a little confused but I figured he had gone to somebody’s house who had a pool with cats as decorations.  After we came home, I relayed this story to Steve, mostly to figure out who’s pools Jace was talking about. He laughed. Apparently Jace mistakes “kiddy” pool for “kitty” pool. Knowing our friend’s cats, they aren’t about to make the same mistake.

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