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Jace’s First Christmas – Part 2

January 6, 2008 10:45 am

On Christmas eve we headed out to Colorado. We took the evening Jet Blue flight, hoping that since it was after Jace’s bedtime he might sleep some. The first half of the flight he was far to interested in the flight attendant walking up and down the aisle and the tv for the woman sitting next to us. Eventually I managed to nurse him to sleep and he passed out until just before landing when I decided I needed to use the bathroom! He cried a little on the landing but I think that was more because I had rudely awoken him that because of the cabin pressure changes.

Once we got to Denver, Jace was very excited to meet his Grandpa and Grandma. Steve’s parents had tried to come out this fall to meeting him but since she is a preschool teacher, it was hard to find long weekend that worked for all of us. Jace also got to meet his two uncles, three cousins, two aunts (okay, he had met one before), and steve’s aunt and cousin who must have some official title but I have no clue what it is! It was a very full house for Christmas but we had a fabulous time. Again Jace was thrilled to eat wrapping paper and loves his new giraffe stick.

After a fun packed week, we flew home New Years Eve. The fabulous check-in lady saw that we were traveling with a baby and noticed that there was nobody in the window seat in our row so she split our seats in the hopes that nobody would take the middle seat. Even though it was a very full flight, her ploy worked and we got to take Jace on in his car seat. With a blanket draped over it, it was a nice dark warm cave and he slept the ENTIRE flight. Which was great since it was the red-eye. If we fly in the evening or night again, I think I will buy Jace a seat so he can sleep. Daytime might not be worth it since there is no way he would cooperate by sitting in his car seat awake for 4 hours.

Jace’s First Christmas – Part 1

9:54 am

Since we were headed out to Colorado for Christmas this year, my parents came down the weekend before to celebrate Jace’s first Christmas a couple of days early. Saturday night they generously babysat for us so Steve and I could go out for a nice dinner followed by “adult beverages” at a nearly bar with Deb. The next morning we begun the festivities. Jace quite enjoyed ripping the wrapping paper and trying to eat it. He even seemed to like his new toys. Check out the pictures in the photo section to see some of what he got. He is one lucky little boy. Even his parent’s gift (a bike trailer) was really a gift for Jace too! We look forward to the warm weather so we can take him on an adventure via Steve’s favorite mode of transportation.

Jace’s first present

January 4, 2008 8:24 pm
Jace's first present

A couple of days before Christmas we received a package from my brother and family. Jace was ecstatic to get his first christmas present. Don’t worry, we didn’t open the wrapped gift early. He was more than excited enough by the packaging that came with it!

Solid? Food

December 12, 2007 9:22 pm

Tonight Jace got to try solid food for the first time. Why the question mark in the title? Well, the food wasn’t exactly solid. I followed the directions on the rice cereal box for baby’s first meal and it was basically breastmilk with a little rice texture. Very, very liquidy. So Jace basically slurped milk off a spoon.

Things we learned:

1. Feeding piglets is a messy job (not so surprising!)

2. Next time use a little less milk

3. Plastic bibs might be great with solid food but with liquid the stuff just hangs out there. We ended up adding a cloth bib over the top so it would absorb the spills and keep him dry.

4. Giving your child an extra spoon to hold onto in the hopes of distracting them from grabbing onto the spoon with the food on it is silly. Jace just shoved the extra spoon in his mouth so there was no room for the spoon with the food on it!

5. Jace wasn’t really sure what he thought of the whole thing.


9:12 pm

On Sunday night we had an impromptu dinner with Julia, Nicholas, and William. Julia and I met at a new mom’s group when Jace was about 6 weeks old. We quickly discovered that we live close to each other and the boys were due a day apart. Of course Jace was 2 weeks late and William was a week early but still. During our maternity leave we spent a number of nice afternoons together having lunch and “play dates” which, in reality, were really mommy dates since the boys just napped most of the time. We have managed to get together a couple of times since then for a dinner and a playdate but mostly we have chatted on the phone or emailed and compared milestones, joys, frustrations and questions.

Hopefully we will get together more often now as the boys are starting to interact as you can see.

William even gave Jace a kiss on the cheek. To which Nicholas commented that it is Massachusetts after all…Such things are certainly acceptable! :)

Splish Splash

December 11, 2007 8:45 pm

Tonight Jace took his customary bath in his infant tub which rests quite nicely in our kitchen sink. Never had a problem with this setup before but today Jace figured out how to splash with his feet! And was he ever having fun with it. Well, an infant tub doesn’t have much water but when resting in the kitchen sink there is no place for the splashing water to go but all over the counter, the floor and mom! Water, water everywhere!

Guess we need to graduate to a bath in the bathtub or at least putting his infant tub in the bathtub. Of course we have very stylish glass doors on our tub. Nice to look at but impossible to navigate around while trying to clean the tub, let alone cleaning a squirming baby. Guess I will have to hop in the bathtub with Jace until we can figure out if we can remove the doors without destroying the bathtub. Good thing my parents are coming down the weekend before Christmas. Perhaps they can help us figure it out.

Monster Chair!

December 4, 2007 9:43 pm

For this week’s homework assignment in my (Steve’s) “How To Make (Almost) Anything” class, I needed to create something with the large milling machine. So I made a chair. Jace is still a little small for it, but eventually he’ll be able to hang out in his monster chair (see image):

monster chair image

What a difference 2 months makes!

December 1, 2007 8:05 pm

When Jace was about 3 months old we took him out to dinner with our friend Deb. He was not a happy camper. We had been to plenty of lunch places but dinner was something we had never tried because he tended to cluster feed in the evening and was cranky. And, well, he was cranky at dinner. No, make that more than cranky. He cried through the whole thing, wanting to be walked around or rocked the entire time.

Two months later, it is now Deb’s birthday so we decide to give it another try and go out to dinner to celebrate. What a difference 2 months makes. Jace is now big enough to sit up in his little portable seat that Adam and Ashley got us (thanks!). And he flirted with all his neighbors and the waitstaff throughout dinner. A little chewing on the nose of his whosit and we had a happy piglet and a great dinner to celebrate a good friend’s birthday.

Must be frustrating

November 26, 2007 8:54 pm

It must be frustrating to be almost 5 months old. You are suddenly much more aware of the world around you but you are severely limited in what you can do. If you think about it, it really can’t be all that much fun playing with toys while lying on your back or on your stomach. Hard to really play with them. Your other options are to be strapped into a seat of some form and watching everyone else do things or, if you are really lucky, you get placed in an excersaucer where you can play with the same toys over and over again while everyone ignores you.

Jace decided to declare his frustration this weekend at my parents by being a very high maintance piglet who squealed at the top of his lungs every five minutes. Luckily there were 4 people who could take turns distracting him for another few minutes until he got bored of that activity and wanted to move on.

However, all this frustration must have driving Jace to the point where he decided the only way things were going to get better was if he did something about it himself. So he did.

On Sunday he could only sit for a couple of seconds before toppling over but this evening he sat for almost a minute before reaching for a toy and falling over as a result!

How I sleep

November 19, 2007 9:24 pm
How I sleep

This picture says it all. Jace can now easily roll from his back to his front so no matter how you put him down in his, he ends up like this. All the literature says to have kids sleep on their backs these days due to increased risk of SIDS but even his doctor said its not like there is any way we are going to stop him from rolling.

The first couple of nights he slept like this, he slept fabulously. Then last week we went through a not so good phase. It started with him waking up twice instead of once to eat. He was pretty hungry so I don’t begrudge the kid his food. The problems began when he wouldn’t go back to sleep. He was certainly tired enough but even if he fell asleep in your arms, he woke up and screamed as soon as you put him down in his crib. We had no clue what was wrong or what to do. One guess was that he was teething, another guess was gas issues, and the last one was it was just a phase and he would grow out of it. I did a little research and asked other mom’s on some online groups and pretty much narrowed it down to the last option. He is so much more aware of his surroundings these days an apparently this can be rather scary at times. I was afraid of how long the phase might last since I was getting desperate for sleep but by this weekend he seemed to have gone back to normal.

I also bought him a little blue rabbit blankie to hug. It is super soft and has ears to play with. I had a bunny I carried everywhere by its ears when I was little so I though he might like one too.

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